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Welcome to Winding Brook Estate!
Lavender......Indulge, Escape, Rejuvenate

We believe that connecting with nature is
vital to body, mind and soul.

Lavender Farm 2016 Season

Welcome to Winding Brook Estate, Missouri's only commercial Lavender Farm.

We are the producers and purveyors of fine handmade, natural, lavender products for health, beauty and well-being.

2016 Lavender Farm & Shoppe Hours

Closed January February, and March

Open - April 1st
Thursday, Friday and Saturday
10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

During inclement weather the Farm can experience flooding and we may have to close, so please call ahead to be sure we're open. You can also check on our Facebook page for the latest update.

Closed -

 August 4th thru September 7th

Directions to the Farm are on the Contact Us tab.

Lavender Farm & Shoppe Phone Number: 636-575-5572

Shop On-Line Now! We've expanded our selection of
Lavender products and gifts available for purchase.
Free Shipping on Purchases over $ 100.00.

Please help us maintain the farm's natural beauty by leaving your pets at home, and refraining from smoking.

Photography Policy:

Photos taken of family or friends during lavender harvesting in the lavender fields are permitted. Also permitted are informal photos of a group that has enjoyed lunch or classes at the farm.

All other photography including commercial, noncommercial and group i.e. wedding, posed family photos, school graduation, and parents taking posed pictures of children (other than harvesting lavender) are not permitted at this time.

For Directions to the Farm, click on the "Contact Us" tab.

Winding Brook Estate is a 17 acre farm with fields of lavender planted for public harvesting during blooming season.

Come and enjoy the beauty and fragrance of fields of blooming Lavender, in a setting reminiscent of times gone by. Relax while strolling the lavender fields and sipping refreshing Lavender lemonade. Pick your own bouquet or enjoy those harvested by us.

Winding Brook Estate invites you to an experience that will delight the senses and soothe the body and soul.

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